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Contractors All Risks

  • Covers building, civil and mechanical engineering projects against risks during construction or erection (e.g. flooding, fire or explosion, theft)
  • Also covers Third Party Liability risks
  • Loss of Profits as a consequence of a delay in project start-up can be covered

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Scintilla Contractors All Risk

Plant All Risks

  • Covers primarily mobile construction plant and machinery against risks of external damage (e.g. accidents on site) and theft.
  • Plant can be underwritten on “New Replacement Value” and “Market Value”.

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Scintilla Plant All Risk

Machinery Breakdown

  • A machinery breakdown insurance policy provides cover for Sudden and unforeseen physical damage to machinery at the insured’s premises whilst in operation, at rest, or during maintenance.
  • Loss of Profits as a consequence of machine’s downtime can also be covered.

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Scintilla Machinery Breakdown

Electronic Equipment Insurance

  • Covers electronic/computer equipment against risks of external damage (e.g. dropping, impact), breakdown and theft
  • Loss of Profits as a consequence of machine’s downtime can be covered

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Scintilla Electronic Equipment Insurance

Civil Engineering Completed Risks

  • Covers civil engineering projects against natural hazards after construction is completed
  • Loss of Profits as a consequence of the damage can be covered

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Scintilla Civil Engineering Completed Risks

Construction Related Guarantees

  • Bid Bonds/Securities:
    undertaking to issue a guarantee where the contractor is awarded the contract
  • Advance Payment Guarantees
    guarantee to repay the Employer should the contractor use the advance other than for the purchase of the contract materials etc
  • Performance Guarantees
    guarantee that the contractor will perform the work as specified in the contract
  • Retention Guarantees
    guarantee that the contractor shall provide repairs and/or maintenance for a specific period
  • Materials On/Off-Site Guarantees
    guarantees ownership to the employer where the contractor fails to build the materials into the contract works
  • Customs and Excise Bonds
    guarantee that the contractor shall re-import plant and equipment used for neighbour state contracts

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