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Contractors All Risks

  • Covers building, civil and mechanical engineering projects against risks during construction or erection (e.g. flooding, fire or explosion, theft)
  • Also covers Third Party Liability risks
  • Loss of Profits as a consequence of a delay in project start-up can be covered

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Scintilla Contractors All Risk

Plant All Risks

  • Covers primarily mobile construction plant and machinery against risks of external damage (e.g. accidents on site) and theft.
  • Plant can be underwritten on “New Replacement Value” and “Market Value”.

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Scintilla Plant All Risk

Machinery Breakdown

  • A machinery breakdown insurance policy provides cover for Sudden and unforeseen physical damage to machinery at the insured’s premises whilst in operation, at rest, or during maintenance.
  • Loss of Profits as a consequence of machine’s downtime can also be covered.

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Scintilla Machinery Breakdown

Electronic Equipment Insurance

  • Covers electronic/computer equipment against risks of external damage (e.g. dropping, impact), breakdown and theft
  • Loss of Profits as a consequence of machine’s downtime can be covered

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Scintilla Electronic Equipment Insurance

Civil Engineering Completed Risks

  • Covers civil engineering projects against natural hazards after construction is completed
  • Loss of Profits as a consequence of the damage can be covered

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Scintilla Civil Engineering Completed Risks

Construction Related Guarantees

  • Bid Bonds/Securities:
    undertaking to issue a guarantee where the contractor is awarded the contract
  • Advance Payment Guarantees
    guarantee to repay the Employer should the contractor use the advance other than for the purchase of the contract materials etc
  • Performance Guarantees
    guarantee that the contractor will perform the work as specified in the contract
  • Retention Guarantees
    guarantee that the contractor shall provide repairs and/or maintenance for a specific period
  • Materials On/Off-Site Guarantees
    guarantees ownership to the employer where the contractor fails to build the materials into the contract works
  • Customs and Excise Bonds
    guarantee that the contractor shall re-import plant and equipment used for neighbour state contracts

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Government, in conjunction with industry clusters had to encourage preferential procurement in the mining industry, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) capital equipment and allied services director Tapiwa Samanga has said. In a statement issued on Monday, he noted that government was aiming to revitalise the country’s manufacturing industry in terms of capacity and capability through the designation of certain products for local procurement.