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More countries to move into shale gas production as it becomes more widely accepted

Despite various challenges related to the extraction of shale oil and gas, as countries grow accustomed to the idea, the use of shale as a form of energy will be more widely pursued, international oil and gas market analyst Michael Lynch said on Tuesday. Speaking at the 2014 World Energy Security Forum, in Sandton, he pointed out that the problem with public and political opinion was often that the general population did not understand the science behind an industry and, therefore, believed anecdotes on the detrimental effects of, for example, fracking that might not be accurate.

Kenyan consortium says wins tender to build 1 000 MW coal plant

A consortium led by two Kenyan firms won a government tender to build a 1 000-MW, coal-fired power plant, company officials said on Tuesday, part of moves to satisfy rising demand for energy in East Africa's biggest economy. Kenya suffers from regular blackouts due to supply shortfalls and an aging grid, forcing most businesses and wealthy people to have stand-by generators. Businesses cite frequent power outages as a barrier to economic growth.