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When you purchase a policy from Scintilla, on behalf of Hollard, you will be doing so from an insurer with an “A” rated BEE score (Financial Sector Charter).

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Icasa invites industry input on Vodacom’s proposed R7bn Neotel buy

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) has called on interested parties to lodge written representations in relation to Vodacom’s proposed R7-billion buy-out of converged communications network operator Neotel within 21 days. Icasa outlined in a notice in the Government Gazette last week that it had received an application for the approval of the deal.

Wapa lobbies for licence-exempt spectrum ‘where practical’

Industry body, the Wireless Access Providers’ Association (Wapa) has released a draft position paper on licenced and licence-exempt spectrum, the former of which allows service providers exclusive access to certain spectral frequencies, enabling them to deliver services without interference from other users of the spectrum. In contrast, licence-exempt spectrum could be prone to interference from multiple users, but the cost to build and deliver services over these frequencies was lower, enabling new companies and small, medium-sized and microenterprises (SMMEs) to innovate, thereby increasing competition and lowering the cost of communication.